Software Products

At Moolean we have been busy creating software products to support our design and printing services. We have created some utilities that boost our productivity. We are now planning to release these tools as products. Here's a preview of the products in our pipeline about to be released this year and early next year.



To be released, Moolit 3D Virtual Reality viewer will allow users to visualize their 3D models in VR. It is a first of a kind viewer that imports native CAD data and allows re-tessellation from inside the immersive environment. The immersive visualization provides a user a validation of the work and encourages engagement and collaboration from the clients. An early release of the viewer will be on the Oculus Rift store by Aug, 2018



The Moolit Modeler is a professional 3D modeler with an intuitive interface. Based on the ACIS solid modeling technology from Spatial technology, this modeler will challenge the status quo modeling paradigms by enabling immersive and collaborative modeling.



Moolit Tiles is a generative modeler for creating 3D prints from photographs and vector art.